Through reading different eBooks, listening to motivational tapes, and learning from my own experiences, I’ve come up with five tips, that, if implemented, will get your project completed and put an end to the procrastination that holds you frozen.

1. Develop a “Do It Now” attitude. If you struggle with procrastination, stop for a moment and just meditate on how good it will feel once your project is complete. Visualize yourself enjoying your accomplishments. You may want to turn on some inspirational music. Then, DO SOMETHING! It doesn’t matter if it’s wrong; just start moving toward your goal. More times than not you will discover that the thing you have been procrastinating was easier than you had worried it would be.

2. Delegate. Outsource. One of the hardest things for a true entrepreneur to do is to have someone else do something for them that they know they are capable of doing. But your time is valuable. You may find yourself falling behind because you can’t possibly meet all your own, and others’ expectations.

3. Clear your environment. Often a messy workspace can be distracting. Clear your desk of clutter. If you have any available, use a nice smelling cleaner and/or air freshener. You will be surprised at how much more you can focus on the task at hand without all the clutter. If your computer desktop is messy, clean it up too. Delete all those shortcut icons on your desktop that you rarely, if ever, use.

4. Develop a “to do” list. Put first things first. Often as you work on things ideas will pop into your head. It is very easy to forget them if you don’t write them down. Mark them off one by one until all your sub-tasks are complete and you’re finished with your larger project.

5. Write daily goals in the form of aspirations. Write your feelings as if you’ve already accomplished the task. I know this really sounds cheesy, but seriously, try it for one week you will find that it works amazingly well. Instead of writing a goal like “Create a webpage for wibbly widget,” write something like “I feel so good now that have a webpage online for wibbly widget.” Do this first thing, every morning.

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