Many fishermen have avoided wearing life jackets over the years as they feel confined. They can be very bulky and cumbersome and have interfered with the freedom of movement you need when fishing. Modern life jackets have solved this problem and now there is no excuse for anyone not to be wearing a life jacket when on or near the water.

The latest development in lifejackets are inflatable life jackets, these are extremely light and small and can be worn easily without interfering with your range of movement. The modern inflating life jackets weigh less than two pounds and are extremely compact. There are life jackets that are perfect for fishing as they fasten to your body with a waist strap.

Modern fishing life jackets are able to be worn all day without the wearer even being conscious that they are wearing a life jacket. They are suitable for use with all fishing styles and at all fishing locations; on boats, piers or jetties, even rock fishing. Rock fishing has long been regarded as the most dangerous form of fishing because of the potential for the fisherperson to be washed from the rocks and injured or knocked unconscious in the process.

With the advances in technology, there is no excuse for every fisherman especially rock fishermen not to be wearing a fishing life jacket. There are several styles of inflatable fishing life jackets they are all affordable and extremely comfortable. The only difference in features between models is whether the wearer has to pull a cord to inflate the jacket or if the fishing life jacket self inflates when immersed in water.

Fishing life jackets are also very affordable so everyone should have one. It is a good practice to get into. The fact that so many people go fishing on their own means they need to have some type of device that can help them if they get into trouble. There are also fishing life jackets for children and they should always have one on.

Take the time to try on some types of fishing life jackets so you can find one that is very comfortable. If you feel like your movements are restricted them find a different style. You will be less likely to wear your fishing life jacket if you don’t feel comfortable in it.

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