When my friend gave me a flannel sheet set for my birthday I was a little surprised. I wasn’t really caught off guard by the thoughtful gift especially considering that I have always wanted a set. I was surprised to get the flannel sheet set because my birthday is in July.

The last thing anyone expects for a summer birthday is a set of flannel sheets. Even though the gift was really great I couldn’t conceal my surprise at the unusual summer gift. My friend insisted that I try the flannel sheet set right away in spite of the warm temperatures.

Of course, I couldn’t wait to try them but I was a little apprehensive since they are usually used in the cold months. I opened the package containing the flannel sheet set and this prompted me to immediately put them on my bed. I was really impressed with the soft fabric and I didn’t care how hot it was.

Good thing that I have air conditioning. The amazingly soft flannel sheet set is warm but it was comfy even in July. That is when the air conditioning is running. I kept the room really cool in order to try out the new flannel sheet set. I’m glad that I did because I had a great, comfy night’s sleep.

This set makes me want winter to come quickly. I just hope that I can muster up the willpower to get out of bed when it’s colder outside. It is going to be very hard to remove myself from these snuggly sheets this winter. I even wanted to stay in bed longer when I first tried them out.

The great thing about the flannel sheet set is that my friend chose a product of the finest quality. I have owned other flannel sheets in the past and they do have a tendency to make little clusters of fabric where it is worn. These pills are really annoying and they destroy the texture of the otherwise soft fabric.

I don’t have to worry about this product pilling at all. This flannel sheet set is durable and soft no matter how often I was on the set. I know that these sheets will be with me for the long haul. There is little need for me to get another flannel sheet set because I immediately wash them after I undress the bed.

There is nothing more luxurious than a warm flannel sheet right out of the drier and this is especially true on cold winter nights. I don’t use the flannel sheet set during the summer months but there are times that I am tempted to just to remember how nice it is to curl up in them during the winter.

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