If you want to visit Australia and you live in the USA, you are going to have a long flight ahead of you. Flights to Australia are long, usually averaging around fourteen hours if you take off from the west coast of the US. Add the travel time to get to the west coast, and your flights to Australia can take up an entire day of your life. If you really want to go there, it is well worth it of course, but there are some things you should know about flying to Australia before you go.

Because flights to Australia are long, you have to keep yourself and your children (if you have any) busy. There will most likely be in-flight movies, but these may not work for the whole flight. Make sure you have activities for your children to do, and also make sure you have books or puzzles to occupy your mind. If you are going to spend the whole day on a plane, remember that you won’t have any of the benefits of home. You have to take something to do on flights to Australia, or you may end up going stir crazy.

Also, remember that on flights to Australia that sitting for too long can cause problems in your legs. You have to get up and move around at least every two hours in order to prevent blood clots or even painful leg cramps. If you have kids, make sure they move around as well; though try to keep them under control so they don’t bother the other passengers too much. Most people will understand that young children need to get up and run around, but just try to make sure they aren’t bothering people who are sleeping or reading.

Flights to Australia are long, and you may find that even though you have brought plenty to do, you will still be bored. This is when you should consider your sleep schedule. On your way to Australia, try to sleep when it will be nighttime in Australia so you can reset your internal clocks somewhat. If you take flights to Australia all the time, you may already know how to do this. The same applies to your return flight. If it is nighttime at home, try to sleep, even if the sun is out and your body thinks it is noon. Drink plenty of water as well, and you may be able to take the edge off of the extreme time change.

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