If thoughts of stress and pressure are all that fill your mind and cause a consumption of your energies as well as grief then something must be done to deal with this. You have to be honest and real with yourself and to face these issues with some serious evaluation. You have to look at all the tendencies of the ego and evaluate their contribution to your feelings before you look at the problem itself and the external influences.

Are you faced with tendencies such as frustration, inferiority complexes, and jealous feelings? All these can contribute to your feelings of grief and resentment and these can drown you. You need to determine whether the factors that are contributing to your stress levels are actually important to you and whether it will all mean anything in a few years or not. If the answer is that it would not make a difference in your life in a few years then you are stressing over nothing important. Even if it will impact your life rather than let it overpower you evaluate it and decide the approach that you will take.

You need to set goals and get a positive approach to life for yourself. If you think about others too much then you need to spend time with yourself and focus on yourself. You need to be able to face yourself in the mirror and like yourself before you can deal with others and the stresses of life. Have a positive outlook on life and move forward. It is better to approach life from this side rather from the negative outlook otherwise your thoughts will be skewed and you will normally go down a negative path in life.

We all need to evaluate our lives from time to time and fix ourselves. We need to learn to accept the things in life that we cannot change and adapt to them. We need to have the courage to be able to face change and to initiate change in our lives and we have to possess the wisdom to initiate change in our lives. We cannot change everything but we have to learn to tell the difference between what we can and cannot change. When we face circumstances, we have to decide what is within our control and what is not and we have to face the problem with the right attitude and approach.

We all have the tendency in us to be a people pleaser and we all keep adding to our burdens with this. We would take on emotional loads and often physical loads as well. This is not the right approach to life and we all have to keep in touch with what is best for us. We need to decide what we can cope with and not what needs to be done for another person. Thoughts of others are important but if we stop thinking of ourselves, we endanger our beliefs and we endanger our sanity.

We are also of the habit of letting others criticize us and add to our stress levels. We would then torture ourselves and dwell on the past. This would be a waste of precious time and mental energy and would not help us in a positive outlook on life. In order to succeed in life, we all need to learn to accept criticism and control our response to it. We need to accept the accurate and discard the false and we need to make mental notes to alter what we can for the future. This will equip us well to manage the stresses in life and to evaluate and assess what we can control and act on these.

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