The truck collided with an SUV. Motorcycle bumped unto a deer. A car turned turtle. Head-on collisions, bumps, injuries, and deaths are rampant in our busy streets. These are common occurrences on our busy roads. They have become common that they are already treated as ordinary incidents in the streets. A great number of them are caused by negligence and recklessness. However, despite these occurrences motorists are still not that cautious on how they can be safe with their every ride.

To help motorists, here are the rules of thumb in riding a motorcycle:

1. Ready your motorcycle. Do not go into a battle with a defective sword. Thus, inspect first your motorcycle. Are the parts in good riding condition? If there are parts that need to be replaced, replace them. If there are those that need to be fixed, then fix it first. If these parts are overlooked, they will not only spoil your ride but spoil your life as well.

2. Wear your protection. Helmet, jacket/vest, gloves, pants, and footwear must not be neglected. If you want total protection then, do not dare neglect any of these gears. You do not know which body part will be hit. You do not even know if there will be a fatal crash just after mounting on your bike, so you must protect everything from your head to your toe!

3. Be conspicuous. Try to use motorcycle parts and gears that reflect or emit lights. This will help you become obvious to other motorcyclists. Most accidents happen because the road is blurry due to rain or snow. Moreover, the use of neon colors can very well help.

2. Keep distance. Be an island. Leave ample space all around your motorcycle to avoid bumps. Most of the time, mishaps happen because of tailgating and not keeping a safe distance.

3. Expect an accident. Every time you drive, expect an accident. That way you will be extra careful and drive defensively. Beware of the curves, intersections, oncoming left turners, school zones, and other populated places to prevent road accidents.

4. Avoid riding during nighttime. It’s hard to see other motorists at night this is especially true when there are lesser lights used. Aside from conspicuous, another possible problem that may arise during nighttime is the drunken drivers who are mostly coming from bar-hopping spree or teenagers having their weekly night-out.

5. Ride your Own Ride. You do not have to impress others. Know your limits and always remember safety more than anything else!

Live your life and enjoy your ride to safety!

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