Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that leads to airway obstruction in the airways. This is characterized by the narrowing of the bronchial tubes (cavity). The narrowing of the bronchial tubes puts excess pressure on the airways, causing them to swell.

When an individual has been diagnosed with asthma, he or she will have to be treated with a combination of medications and therapy to get a medical diagnosis. By doing so, medical specialists can guide the patient on the best treatment for him or her. There are a variety of possible medications available for asthma patients. These can be administered either on a long-term basis or short-term.

For short-term asthma medications, such as Aspirin, there are two common forms these. One form contains the drug Aspirin as well as another drug known as diphenhydramine. Other short-term medications available include:

These are antihistamine and antitussive drugs. Aspirin is an antihistamine. The most common side effects of these drugs are dry mouth, increased anxiety, vomiting, and a reduced appetite.

There is also an inhaler that is an endothermic agent. Inhaled oxygen and other gases react with the cells of the alveoli, causing them to produce more mucus, which can help prevent the lungs from having to struggle to get rid of this accumulated mucus, which then clogs the airways.

There are several other kinds of medications for asthma control. They include:

Deep Breathing – Breathing from the diaphragm is the simplest way to clear the airways when they are blocked. This is usually done by coughing and expelling the affected air. Other methods include the use of nasal sprays or inhalers.

Humidification – A humidifier is one kind of humidification treatment method. It is normally administered at night before bedtime to dry up mucus in the airways.

Bronchodilators – They are used to open up the airway by increasing the amount of air that is pushed through the blocked airways. They generally need to be given for about ten minutes. This method is used to open up the airways of people who suffer from asthma attacks.

Salts – In the past, chemicals such as mustard gas and nerve agents were introduced into the environment. This caused more serious asthma to develop. By introducing these chemicals into the environment, salmonella and E. coli became widely-spread.

There are many types of asthma treatment methods available for all types of asthma patients. Many patients prefer to start treatment with their local doctors. While there are some who prefer to go to a doctor that specializes in treating asthma, it is always best to consult a general practitioner to see what he or she recommends.

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