Teeth whitening kits are among the most sought after products in the cosmetic industry today. There are many factors that should be considered before buying a kit. Here is some advice on what to look for.

One: It’s important to take oral hygiene very seriously. Not brushing and flossing properly can lead to flaky white teeth. Good dental hygiene is necessary so you get the best results possible. Your dentist can recommend some good oral care programs.

Two: Ask for a product that comes with a guarantee. What I mean by this is, if the product doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to try another one. You have nothing to lose if it doesn’t work. A reputable brand of teeth whitening gel kit will have a money-back guarantee.

Three: Never assume that a gel that is applied to your teeth will last forever. Depending on the ingredients used, there may be some risk of the gel fading or yellowing over time. If you can find a brand that has a guarantee on how long the product will last, then it’s the one you want to get.

Four: Try to avoid getting gels that contain sodium hypochlorite. The sodium hypochlorite is actually bleach. It makes the gel more visible to the human eye, but the ingredients can be harmful to your teeth. They bleach the tooth enamel, which eventually makes it harder to remove stains. So, avoid gels with sodium hypochlorite.

Five: If you already have teeth discoloration due to smoking, drinking coffee, or drinking too much wine, consider changing your oral health habits. If you’re trying to lighten your teeth whitening kit results, it’s important to stop smoking and drinking coffee.

Six: Of course, the most common ingredient used in teeth whitening kits is hydrogen peroxide. It’s vital that you use an adequate amount of peroxide because it’s too weak for all of the bleaching agents to react with. One typical amount is typically used once a day.

Seven: Make sure you brush twice a day and floss properly. These two things can help keep your gums healthy and keep the gel from sitting on your teeth.

Eight: During the entire procedure, make sure you follow the directions on the product. Some people do not adhere to the directions while others end up with unhealthy gums. Make sure you understand the directions completely and follow them strictly.

Nine: You should be aware that the results will not last for the entire month. During the first couple of weeks of using a teeth whitening gel, the results will be better than the next two months of use.

Ten: The final question: does it hurt? Do you have pain when you eat certain foods? The pain can be minimized by using a pain reliever such as Tylenol.

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